The Town Council is here to serve YOU, and the Council that is elected on November 8th, 2016 needs to remember that.

    The Town Council is the elected body that sets policy, sets tax rates, decides zoning and land use issues and passes a budget for the Town's operations over the coming year. But it is the CITIZENS and BUSINESSES that influence how the Town Council votes on the issues it faces. (Or at least that's how it should be in my book.)

    Town Staff and elected officials are here to serve YOU, and listen to YOU....not the other way around. You elect us to represent you; town staff is here to run the day-to-day operations of the town in a way that will improve your quality of life; but it's YOUR TOWN...we are just here to facilitate your vision of what YOU want the Town to be.

    So, Herndon....what do you want???  Please review the issues page to see where I stand on the issues facing the Town and then make your decision as to who you want representing YOU during the next Town Council term and VOTE on November 8th.  And, thanks for taking the time to join me in caring about our Town.



 Authorized by Connie Hutchinson