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Contributed to the Creation of:
    Herndon Harbor House
    Herndon Dulles Visitor's Center
    A location for ArtSpace Herndon
    2027 Vision Statement
    Haley M. Smith Park
    Herndon Downtown Master Plan
    Herndon Skate Park
    Picnic pavilions in Runnymede Park
    287g MOU
    2030 Vision Statement
    Herndon Metro Area Master Plan

Participated in the Completion of:
    Municipal Center Complex
    Herndon Fortnightly Library
    Herndon Parkway
    Station Street Parking Lot
    Runnymede Park Improvements
    Town Square Improvements
    Cemetery Improvements
    South Elden Street Improvements
    Community Center Expansion

Assisted Citizens and Businesses with:
    Expansion of Herndon Automotive
    Expansion of AutoScandia
    Defeat of the Dranesville & Park Ave. Roundabout
    Improvements to the Park & Monroe Intersection
    Stormwater management improvements