Voting Record Highlights

posted Apr 17, 2014, 10:54 AM by Connie Hutchinson   [ updated Apr 19, 2014, 9:03 AM ]

Agenda Item    
Merkel Vote
Hutchinson Vote
$6M purchase of additional water & sewer availability for our Metro Area. Purchasing capacity that our infrastructure can't even handle. YES NO Developer benefit at TAXPAYER expense. 
Adopting the County's Bicycle Transportation Plan Creates "sharrows," allowing bicycles to use the full travel lane and prohibits cars from passing - no matter what speed they are traveling. YES NO Effectively limits travel speeds to 15 mph, or less, behind bicycles-blocking traffic. 
Architectural Guidelines for Metro Area Increased the maximum building height limits from those approved in the community-vetted Master Plan. YES NO Allows up to 25-story high-rise 'towers', instead of the originally approved 15-story buildings. 
Economic Development Adding a full-time Economic Development staff position, rather than taking advantage of County services or contracting out specific projects. YES NO Town Residents take on the cost for something that was previously a County responsibility. 
Improvements to East Elden Street VDOT funding that could have been allocated to higher priority projects. YES NO Bottlenecking of traffic as it merges from 6 lanes down to 2. 
Zoning Amendments for VineHaven Development Reduced front set-backs from 20’ – 5’ and allowed TANDEM PARKING as an approved parking strategy for those driveways. YES NO Creates less green space and unworkable TANDEM parking (cars parked in a single line, end-to-end, blocking the front cars in). 
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